Funny Lebanon Videos

A “missed call” during the civil war.

Usually when you go to pick someone up from his house you “missed call” him to come down, During the civil war the mobile phone wasn’t available yet so people used another method, check it out.

Operating System

Windows XP and Icons

At Home I have 2 Desktop PCs and a Laptop. One of those PCs has an external Hard Disk connected to it, and this Hard Disk is shared on the network. Yesterday the HDD was turned off but my brother needed some files on it.

I was playing CS on the PC that hosts the HDD but decided to switch the HDD on without leaving the game, everything worked, the game hanged a little for a couple of seconds but then got back to normal and my brother acceded the Hard Disk.

After finishing the game I went back to windows and was surprised by what I saw, apparently when Windows XP is busy doing something it doesn’t look for the Icons it needs, it just uses the “closest” Icon!

Windows XP Autorun

Windows XP Autorun

The CS Icon is the icon of the game I was playing, the other icons are just the most used programs in the start menu so XP took them and assigned them to new programs!

Lebanon Weird

A new police tool: Luck

Naharnet is reporting today that police caught an Israeli with a German Passport by “simple luck”, I hope luck helps them find who did all the assassinations and bombing too…

…or they could try better investigations, I guess they work too.


A Martyr’s Funeral

A Funeral in Lebanon

We watched so many funerals since 2005, they all look the same, A coffin with a flag over it carried by men taking the martyr to his final destination. Women throw rice on the convoy, patriotic music is played and if the martyr is young people try to make the funeral look like a wedding.

At every funeral we also feel the same thing, we are angered by the death and we promise the martyr to continue his path and rebuild the country yet we still haven’t build anything.

I am tired of all this! We all want to live in peace! More then 1500 person died in Lebanon since 2005! We lived 2 years of death and destruction it’s time we build a country!!

Lebanon People

RIP Charles Chikhani

Charles Chikhani

I don’t know anymore how many explosions happened in Lebanon, I lost count! but I do know that with every explosion many people loose their lives or if they are lucky only get wounded or loose a property.

One of the people who died in the Antoine Ghanem assassination is Charles Chikhani, I do not know him and just heard about him on LBCI. He is a young man who studied outside Lebanon but decided to return and work here so he became a Director in GlobalCom (a Lebanese communication company) before someone decided to remind every Lebanese that we cannot live in peace and killed him and 5 other people.

Picture from the facebook group dedicated to his memory.

Lebanon Politics

Let’s Redo some Math

On Monday Roger Khoury wrote an article in Annahar counting the number of votes each party has in the presidential election, Now that MP Antoine Ghanem died those numbers changed, so here are the old numbers and the new numbers:

1- March 14

  • FM and Allies 36 MP
  • PSP and Allies 16 MP
  • LF 5 MP
  • Kataeb 1 MP (After Ghanem Died 0)
  • Democratic Renewal Movement 1 MP
  • Independents (Former Kornt Chehwan) 6 MP

TOTAL : 65 MPs (64 MPs after Ghanem died)

2- March 8 + FPM

  • FPM 23 MP
  • Amal 16 MP
  • Hexbollah 14 MP
  • Baath 1 MP
  • SSNP 2 MP
  • Independents 3 MP

TOTAL : 59 MPs

Now I am sure you heard rumors about the Takatol L Traboulsi voting with March 8 if it gets some benefits in return (Mohamad L Safadi could become prime minister), so let’s say the Takatol will vote with March 8 and update the numbers

March 8 : 63
March 14 : 64

So as you see the difference between the two groups is only 1 MP, March 8 could close this gap easily. I am sure they could make a 14 March member change his mind, many Syrian started to become Lebanese after 1559, they did this back then because they felt this was the only way to survive politically and March 14 has a lot of those people in its ranks. The gap could also be closed if an MP dies soon (Guess how!). Finally the gap can be closed if the partial elections to replace Antoine Ghanem happen before the presidential election because we all know that a Hezbollah + FPM coalition has a big chance of wining the elections in the Baabda Aley region.

Lebanon Politics

Who killed Antoine Ghanem and why?

Antoine GhanemToday Antoine Ghanem and 8 other people were killed, 2 Minutes after the explosion people started “analyzing” the motives of the murder. There is no single analysis of the event, it depends on the political background of the person analyzing it, here’s a brief summary of the different opinions out there.

1. 14 March opinion:

The “person” behind the murder is Syria or its Lebanese allies (March 8). They concluded its Syria based on statements by Syrian officials saying Lebanon will not live in peace. Syria (or the allies) also murdered Ghanem to scare the Lebanese MPs forcing them not to participate in the presidential election, this also decreases the number of MPs the majority has and since Ghanem is a Aley MP (a difficult area for both sides) the opposition will try to take the seat away from the majority in the election that will take place to replace Ghanem.

2. 8 March:

The “person” behind the murder is the USA, Israel or there Lebanese allies (March 14). They concluded its them based on a statement by Walid Joumblat hinting that explosions will happen soon. USA (or the allies) also murdered Ghanem to force the Lebanese MPs that didn’t want to participate in the election to change their mind and participate, This murder also target the initiative of Nabih Berry and creates more problem between the Lebanese (This last point is also sometimes used by March 14 and some independents).

One thing is certain Analyzes are all we are going to have. The killer will never be caught and apparently more people are going to die while Lebanese fight over who is going to control the country (or what’s left of it).

Lebanon Politics

Explosion in Horch Tabet

EDIT: It is confirmed Antoine Ghanem was targeted he was killed by the explosion.
RIP Antoine Ghanem

LBCI reporting that there is a car with a deputy’s number plate on the scene with a body inside.

4 dead – 20 wounded.

Reports that the explosion killed a Deputy running for presidency.

EDIT: The explosion targeted Antoine Ghanem, A Kataeb Deputy I think.

EDIT: According to OTV Antoine Ghanem is wounded and not killed and that 6 others were killed.

Internet Software

Free Download Manager Version 2.5

Free Download Manager 2.5

The new version of Free Download Manager was finally launched, it is now open source and contains many new great features, a Bittorent client, a flash video Downloader and an upload manager were added to the program.

The Bittorent client is easy to use and has the same interface as the download manager, the only problem it has is that you can’t stop some downloads and if you try to close them many time FDM crashes.

The Flash Video Downloads feature is great, you just have to put the URL of the page and select if you want to convert the video to another format after the download, FDM will get the download link and the video name for you and of course download the video.

Free Download Manager 2.5

Another new feature is a section for the “Not Completed + Recent Downloads”. This makes viewing your downloads easier since you only see a couple of downloads instead of the complete download history that was shown before.

Finally I must point out that this new version is 100% Vista compatible so if you had to change your download manager for it to work with vista you can now switch back to FDM.

Lebanon Politics

Gebran about Bachir

Gebran Tueni And Bachir Gemayel


Gebran Tueni about Bachir Gemayel

From Nahar Ashabab