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Free Download Manager Version 2.5

Free Download Manager 2.5

The new version of Free Download Manager was finally launched, it is now open source and contains many new great features, a Bittorent client, a flash video Downloader and an upload manager were added to the program.

The Bittorent client is easy to use and has the same interface as the download manager, the only problem it has is that you can’t stop some downloads and if you try to close them many time FDM crashes.

The Flash Video Downloads feature is great, you just have to put the URL of the page and select if you want to convert the video to another format after the download, FDM will get the download link and the video name for you and of course download the video.

Free Download Manager 2.5

Another new feature is a section for the “Not Completed + Recent Downloads”. This makes viewing your downloads easier since you only see a couple of downloads instead of the complete download history that was shown before.

Finally I must point out that this new version is 100% Vista compatible so if you had to change your download manager for it to work with vista you can now switch back to FDM.