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Alien hand syndrome.

There’s currently a very interesting article on BBC about the alien hand syndrome.



Who’s Dumber!?

Who do you think is dumber, the guy on the scooter with no helmet on? or the guy on the scooter with an unbuckled helmet on his head??

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Prison Break – Lebanon

According to Naharnet a real life prison break (there’s a TV show called Prison Break in case you don’t know) is currently taking place in Lebanon. 11 prisoners escaped from the Zahle prison this week end and the police already got 5 back in. I am pretty sure that unlike the show those prisoners did some serious crimes so I am hopping they catch the remaining 6.

Another thing I saw at Naharnet was a WAN advertisement concerning journalist being held in China for speaking the truth, You can send a message demanding the release of all imprisoned journalists ahead of the Olympic Games from the WAN website here.

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Crazy Saudi Arabia

Prosecutors in Saudi Arabia have begun investigating 57 young men who were arrested on Thursday for flirting with girls at shopping centres in Mecca.

For more info on the crime read the story on BBC!

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Lebanese Official Exams Archive

While checking the softwares room blog I found this interesting website in their links section. The website contains an archive of Lebanese official Exams tests from 2004 and some useful educational links. Check it out and give it to people you know that have an official exam this year.

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A Cab driver accuses a customer of stealing his … Penis!!!

I read a lot of weird news stories but this one must be the weirdest! The story is in French but here’s a small translation by me:

Apparently a cab driver in a small town in Nigeria is accusing one of his customer of stealing his penis using a pigeon! The union of drivers is threatening to file a lawsuit if the penis isn’t returned in the next 24 hours and the police are taking it seriously and are searching for the missing “object”!

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Spot the Difference!

Try to spot the difference between these two photos taken from yesterday’s BBC “In Pictures”.

Picture 1:

protester lebanon
In Lebanon, a protester holds up a piece of bread during a strike by agricultural and transport unions to protest against the rising cost of living.

Picture 2:

protester france
French teaching unions hold protests in the town of Caen over government plans to slash 11,000 education sector jobs.

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Jailed for Crude Remarks on Facebook!!

I just saw this on Naharnet, does anyone have more info about it?? it seems weird that they jailed 4 guys because of some remarks over singing talents! I guess there’s a more serious motive, if not we have serious issues in this country (a new kind of serious issues)!

our Lebanese university students have been jailed for a week for making crude remarks on the Facebook social networking site about the singing talents of a woman they met at a party, media reports said on Thursday.

Local newspapers reported that the students — all male — were ordered to be detained on January 10 after the young woman’s father objected to the authorities in the eastern town of Zahle.

The four were charged with slander and “violating public morality” and were ordered to be held in preventive detention despite objections by human rights groups.(AFP)

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Bernard Kouchner, Did you Know?

Bernard KouchnerSince our politician still can’t decide anything alone we receive a lot of foreign politicians in Lebanon. One of our regular guest in the French foreign minister Bernard Kouchner, we got used to seeing him once a month on TV since the crisis started so here are some facts about him that might interest you.

  • He is the co-founder of Medecin sans frontiere (Doctors without borders) and Doctors of the world.
  • He worked as humanitarian volunteer during the siege of the Nabaa camp in Lebanon (1975).
  • He worked closely with Imam Moussa El Sadr.
  • He tried to broker a cease fire between Aoun and Geagea in 88.
  • His son stayed in Lebanon for a Month after the last war to participate in the relief efforts in Khyam.
  • He is born from a Jewish Father and a Protestant Mother.

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Modern Days Robinson Crusoe

Actually it’s not one, it’s 11 new Robinson Crusoe and they were not lost in an island, their ship wrecked in Russia and they managed to survive for 3 months from fish they caught and some flour they found in an old abandoned military base! Read the complete story from BBC here.