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Who killed Antoine Ghanem and why?

Antoine GhanemToday Antoine Ghanem and 8 other people were killed, 2 Minutes after the explosion people started “analyzing” the motives of the murder. There is no single analysis of the event, it depends on the political background of the person analyzing it, here’s a brief summary of the different opinions out there.

1. 14 March opinion:

The “person” behind the murder is Syria or its Lebanese allies (March 8). They concluded its Syria based on statements by Syrian officials saying Lebanon will not live in peace. Syria (or the allies) also murdered Ghanem to scare the Lebanese MPs forcing them not to participate in the presidential election, this also decreases the number of MPs the majority has and since Ghanem is a Aley MP (a difficult area for both sides) the opposition will try to take the seat away from the majority in the election that will take place to replace Ghanem.

2. 8 March:

The “person” behind the murder is the USA, Israel or there Lebanese allies (March 14). They concluded its them based on a statement by Walid Joumblat hinting that explosions will happen soon. USA (or the allies) also murdered Ghanem to force the Lebanese MPs that didn’t want to participate in the election to change their mind and participate, This murder also target the initiative of Nabih Berry and creates more problem between the Lebanese (This last point is also sometimes used by March 14 and some independents).

One thing is certain Analyzes are all we are going to have. The killer will never be caught and apparently more people are going to die while Lebanese fight over who is going to control the country (or what’s left of it).

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