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Lebanese Official Exams Archive

While checking the softwares room blog I found this interesting website in their links section. The website contains an archive of Lebanese official Exams tests from 2004 and some useful educational links. Check it out and give it to people you know that have an official exam this year.

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hey, this website belongs to a friend of mine:)
it was designed earlier, but it has been published now, there are many useful tools in it, as well as the archive of the tests.
nice website after all.

If anyone can upload sessions before 2004..
U can scan the sessions (If they are not typed) and the student will see them as picture or in PDF format.
Thank you.

please i need the archeived session of biology exams fro 2004 till present,specified brevet class

i need the official exams of english foe this year Grade 12: GS, LS, humanities and Economics

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