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Jailed for Crude Remarks on Facebook!!

I just saw this on Naharnet, does anyone have more info about it?? it seems weird that they jailed 4 guys because of some remarks over singing talents! I guess there’s a more serious motive, if not we have serious issues in this country (a new kind of serious issues)!

our Lebanese university students have been jailed for a week for making crude remarks on the Facebook social networking site about the singing talents of a woman they met at a party, media reports said on Thursday.

Local newspapers reported that the students — all male — were ordered to be detained on January 10 after the young woman’s father objected to the authorities in the eastern town of Zahle.

The four were charged with slander and “violating public morality” and were ordered to be held in preventive detention despite objections by human rights groups.(AFP)

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Do not feel disturbed by such an occurence. Honestly , I do not find what happened, unusual in such a country where corruption and lack of professionalism are dominant habits. This is another sad chapter in the corruption this country suffers of. I felt really angry when I read this news bit. Whatever those guys said, this was not a criminal offence and should have not led to putting them in prison as easy and as fast as it happened. I smell political favortism all over this story. Enough with this retarded tribal system. The girl and her dad and whoever is the judge who ordered them to be jailed should feel ashamed (I am sure they never will) but certainly held accountable for this irresponsible action (at least the judge).
Pissed off lebanese citizen (and not really proud to be one)

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