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Bernard Kouchner, Did you Know?

Bernard KouchnerSince our politician still can’t decide anything alone we receive a lot of foreign politicians in Lebanon. One of our regular guest in the French foreign minister Bernard Kouchner, we got used to seeing him once a month on TV since the crisis started so here are some facts about him that might interest you.

  • He is the co-founder of Medecin sans frontiere (Doctors without borders) and Doctors of the world.
  • He worked as humanitarian volunteer during the siege of the Nabaa camp in Lebanon (1975).
  • He worked closely with Imam Moussa El Sadr.
  • He tried to broker a cease fire between Aoun and Geagea in 88.
  • His son stayed in Lebanon for a Month after the last war to participate in the relief efforts in Khyam.
  • He is born from a Jewish Father and a Protestant Mother.

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You may also like to know that he was thrown out of the Medecins sans Frontieres, thrown out of the Communist Party, thrown out of the Socialist Party, he is for the war in Irak and holds virtually no power in his present position as he shares it with someone that says yes to Sarkosy more often. Information sourced from Le Monde

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