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Lady Gaga new album banned in Lebanon

According to Lebanese authorities banned the new lady gaga album in Lebanon “because it harms Christianity”. That will surely help because you know everyone buys music legally on CDs in Lebanon…

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Organizing my Media Files

For the past two weeks I’ve been organizing my media files (audio and video) at home. My files are spread between my Laptop (~100GB) and an external HDD (~80GB). To organize all this I decided to add a 250GB HDD to one of the PCs at home and dump all those files to it. The advantage of having the files on the PC is that I can access them whenever I want from my network. Moving the files from the external HDD to the PC was easy and fast via USB, but moving them from my laptop to the PC is taking a lot of time currently since I am doing it over my wireless connection and getting maximum speeds of 2MB/s. Tomorow am gonna try to see how faster the transfer will be if I plug my Laptop to the router, I just have to find the LAN cable I am sure I have somewhere :P so I can start to move the files faster!

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Elissa’s New Album Cover

I don’t usually listen to Arabic music so I never know when a new album is released but in the previous days ads for Elissa’s new album started to pop-up in every street corner so I saw it and I have to say: That’s the worst cover design ever!!!

It looks like someone decapitated her and threw her head in the water!!! Why did they do this design!! Here’s a picture of it in case you missed it:

Elissa’s New Album

Gebran Tueni Music

Majida L Roumi Sayidi El Ra2iss

First of all sorry for the lack of updates the last 2 days but I was busy and I didn’t find anytime to post new stuff.

On Sunday I went to the Gebran Tueni Free Press Award ceremony, and one of the best parts was the Majida L Roumi Song and speech, here’s the song and here’s a link to the speech.

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Ipod Touch prices in Lebanon

The New Ipod Touch

I sent a mail to the Apple dealers in Lebanon on Friday asking them if the Ipod Touch is currently available in Lebanon and how much does it cost so they replied to me today saying it will be available in Lebanon this week so here are the prices from Interlink SAL:

8GB: 395$+TVA
16GB: 525$+TVA

The Touch in Lebanon is a little expensive compared to the prices in the US (300$ and 400$) so I guess buying it online and shipping it to Lebanon will be cheaper. But the warranty will not work in Lebanon if you get it from the US so I guess each person should decide if they should take the risk and ship it or pay more and buy it from Lebanon.

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Microsoft’s new Zunes

Microsoft new Zunes

Today Microsoft introduced the new Zunes MP3 Players, The new series includes Flash Based ones and HDD based one having 4, 8 and 80GB of storage.

What’s great about the new ones is the features Microsoft introduced that are apparently appreciated by everyone! Microsoft Fans got the offensive back on Digg, Endgadget and other sites, and are now “attacking” Apple Fans for the lack of features in the devices Apple offers! The fact that Microsoft is giving all the owners of old Zunes the chance to upgrade to the latest software and have old ones running the same software as the new ones also gave Microsoft a great boost!

More info about the latest Zunes Here.

Music World

Jacques Martin passed away

Jacques Martin the presenter of L’Ecole des Fans, A French TV show were children aged 3 to 10 would sing in front of a featured star every episode passed away today!

I used to watch the show when I was a kid and it was nice and funny. Here’s a video of the best moments of l’Ecole des Fans.

Lebanon Music

Close the Bridge, Film a Video Clip!

Two days ago while returning from university my friends and I noticed a stage was being built on the “Nahr L Mot” new bridge! We tried to guess why would someone build a stage on a bridge but we didn’t really find any possible explanation.

A stage on a bridge

Today my friend told me that he passed there at night and saw that a singer was filming a video clip and that they had also erected a huge poster behind her. All the equipment was removed the next day and everything was back to normal. But what I don’t get is why would someone film a video clip on the bridge, there is no scene behind her since she erected here poster so why did she choose the bridge and not some flat ground!

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Search Files (mp3s, movies…) using Google

MUSIC: intitle:index.of +”last modified” +”parent directory” +(mp3|wma|ogg) +”song name” -htm -html -php -asp

MOVIE: intitle:index.of +”last modified” +”parent directory” +(avi|rar|mov) +”movie name” -htm -html -php -asp

Those are just a few examples on how to find files using google, this is not new but I am sure some people don’t know it, so just copy the sentence and change the file name with the one you want.

Here’s what every word in the search works so modify the search sentence according to your needs

-intitle:index.of > The page title contains index of (so you get an index of files)
-”last modified” +”parent directory” > index pages contain these words so we need them
-+(avi|rar|mov) > the file types normaly used by the medias we want
–htm -html -php -asp > we don’t need any of those page types

Music Technology

Sonos BU130 Digital Music System Bundle

I was reading some news when I saw the ad of a system that can stream music to all the room of my house, that’s not the first time I see an ad of a similar product but this time I decided to check it out and take the tour that’s on the Sonos site, and I like it!!

Sonos BU130 Digital Music System Bundle

The system comes in a package containing the main elements: a Remote, and 2 players.
For it to work you must connect one of the players to your router using an Ethernet port and install a software on your PC, after that you can add as much players as you want in all the rooms of your house, and you control all this by the remote, so you can choose the songs you want to play in every room from it, you can even connect to internet radios and music services from the remote and select a song for each player to play or play the same songs everywhere.

Sonos BU130 Digital Music System Bundle

There are 2 kinds of players, one with an amplifier that needs speakers, and one you can connect to an existing home theater, and all the players connect with each others wirelessly so you don’t have to worry about running cables in your house.

Sonos BU130 Digital Music System Bundle

I really liked this System, it’s for 999$ but that’s not a very high price when you think about what you are getting so I would definitely recommend it specially when the reviews about it I read on the net are all good!