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Ipod Touch prices in Lebanon

The New Ipod Touch

I sent a mail to the Apple dealers in Lebanon on Friday asking them if the Ipod Touch is currently available in Lebanon and how much does it cost so they replied to me today saying it will be available in Lebanon this week so here are the prices from Interlink SAL:

8GB: 395$+TVA
16GB: 525$+TVA

The Touch in Lebanon is a little expensive compared to the prices in the US (300$ and 400$) so I guess buying it online and shipping it to Lebanon will be cheaper. But the warranty will not work in Lebanon if you get it from the US so I guess each person should decide if they should take the risk and ship it or pay more and buy it from Lebanon.

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i wana buy it but i toooo much !! ….i like it and i wana buy it.. and ur right laila its too expensive :(:S

i have a brand new ipod touch for sale if anyone of you is intrested please tell me, Note: very good price

I have a used ipod touch in a good shape, 8Gb and have the updated 2.2 firmware, with around 50 of the best games and also full of lovely songs…I want to sell it for 200$…please reply if you are interested…

no thx im not interested :P LOL actually 2omorow im going to buy a new 1 lk guys ur not obliged to buy the i Pod of 16 or 32 GB u can buy the ones of 4GB its ur choice but im telling u cause the 16 —32GB costs not less the $300 while the 4GB costs around $200 its cheaper….
P.S : its just an opinion :)

heyy: no im not interested ;) thx but hey guys why u need to buy the i Pod the most expensive of 16 –32 GB if u need these wholllllllleeee GB its another thing but for people who dnt need that big GB’S u have 4GB its very gd and cheaper :
16 –> 32 (and more) GB : $300 –> $500 and more
4 GB (and less or more ex : for 8 GB) : $200
u see the huge differences u r nagging they are expansive ! true they are but u need to knw what ur buying :P LOL
anw its just a clue and an OPINION u r free to buy YOUR iPod thx ;)

hi … i have a 16 gb ipod touch 2nd generation(newest one) for $400 negotiable! its brand new nothing to worry about … reason: i have 2 got them as x-mas gifts …..

Hey. I was reading this and thats a rip off.. 500 dollars! Its just 200 dollars here new in florida. I personally am lebanese i am 13 i lived 12 years in lebanon. Oh and btw… There is NO such thing as 4GB itouch. There is only 8gb 16gb and 32gb. No more no less. Sincerly Mido.

hey i want to ask about the ipod were i can find a good one in barout i am truing so search about a play ana in a good pay because i am a girl and i am smaal so i can’t work i want ipod tutch but i want it in a verry law pay

how much does the 4gb bites cost in loubnan i am thinking of bying it and plus i dont need that much space

hey plz some one can help me im canadian and i wana buy an ipod touch 8gb in lebanon so their is hearrrrrrrr a mac shop and plz how much it cost : 200$ or uper

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Hi, how are you?
I really wanna buy an Ipod touch, doesn’t matter if it’s used.
Plz get a hold of me if you still have it!

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