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Elissa’s New Album Cover

I don’t usually listen to Arabic music so I never know when a new album is released but in the previous days ads for Elissa’s new album started to pop-up in every street corner so I saw it and I have to say: That’s the worst cover design ever!!!

It looks like someone decapitated her and threw her head in the water!!! Why did they do this design!! Here’s a picture of it in case you missed it:

Elissa’s New Album

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Mustapha, Maybe, I guess that makes more sense, but I doubt a lot of people will get it.

poshlemon, english and french music, usually everything but Rap, Hip Hop and some kinds of Jazz.

alisaaa sen arab dünyasının en iyilerisinnnnn sesinden bizi mahrum bırakma ne o0lur türkçe şarkıları yine arpçaya cevir ve yine söle aynı zeynep kasalinin şarkısı gibi tmmm seni çoookkk seviyoruz turkey adınaaa çok teşekkürler

I love you elissa ♥ !!MY NAME IS LIKE YOUR NAME and my last is like your last name ♥ I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART … I WISH I meet you one day ..!♥ (K)

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