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Lebanon in Uncyclopedia and Désencyclopédie

Uncyclopedia and Desencyclopedie (French) are two funny encyclopedias on the net that work much like wikipedia so anyone can edit them to make them funnier and push the definition away from the truth.

Lebanon has an article in both of them. The one in Uncyclopedia is more developed with pictures and more details, the one on Desencyclopedie is smaller but quickly gets to the point. Here are some extract from both of them:


It was is known for general civil unrest. Despite a few dozen wars over the past two decades, Lebanon has a famous reputation of being a very peaceful country which attracts millions of tourists every year for Israelians bomb target practice.

Motto: “Hi, Kifak ca va?”

Religion: Politics

Prominent Lebanese citizens include: Casey Kasem, Alex Rayes, Philippe Bigass, Thierry ‘immature’ Yazbeck, Abu Riad el 3azizeh, Klinger from M.A.S.H. and The Guy who did the voices on Scooby Doo

The issue of Lebanese demographics is very complex and is in fact listed as one of the Hilbert problems (which, incidentally, no one can solve). Lebanesians are Arabs who believe they’re French, which is the reason why they try to speak French.

Half of Lebanons population resides in Broadmeadows, a place in Australia

When you check the original article don’t forget to look at the stuff in the table on the right.


After the little under construction Gif that we used to see in all the website in the 90s with “Pays en reconstruction” next to it, the definition is:

Le Liban un des pays phares de la mondialisation. Tout comme les usines de chaussures ont été délocalisées en Chine et les centres d’appels en Inde, nombre de guerres d’autres pays ont été transportées dans ce petit pays, dont les oliviers, l’Arak, les pistaches et le taboulé en font le cachet et l’originalite que seuls les Libanais sont capable d’exploiter en mettant en oeuvre leur ingéniosité millénaire. Bien dommage quand ils ne le font pas!

The funny thing is that at some points when reading those articles you feel they get closer to the truth more then the articles of Wikipedia.

Funny Videos

Babies Dancing the Dabkeh

Funny Videos

Kangaroo joins a car race in Australia

I was watching CNN 2 minutes ago and they showed this Kangaroo that hopped on a race track in Australia and managed to avoid all the cars and get out alive! Of course the video was already on YouTube so you can watch it here:

Funny Television

Wi2am Wahab Humiliated on Manar TV

A friend told me that the last time Wahab was on Manar TV he got 2 surprises. Here’s what apparently happened:

A woman first called and started telling him how good he was and that they liked him so much. After she finished telling him all the crap allowed on Manar she asked him if he knew Walid Joumblat, his answer was of course “yes” so she told him: “Eh Bedo yfarfeklak mnekhirak ba3ed chi nhar” (sorry this really can’t be translated).

After a while another man called, he used the same startegy but at the end here’s what he said:

Caller: I really Like to go hunting.
Presenter: Please get to your point.
Caller: But I stopped going hunting some times ago, guess why?
Presenter: Why?
Caller: My dog died so would you please give me the one next to you?

At this point Wahab left the studio and the show was ended!

I searched google and YouTube for a video of this but found nothing. And since I am not really a regular Manar viewer I can’t personally confirm it happened so if you have a video or watched this please tell us if it’s true!

EDIT: Jad commented and said he watched the show and this never happened, I am going to ask the person who told me the story if he watched the show or if someone told him that it happened and I’ll keep you updated. but for now this is just a false rumor, sorry!

EDIT 2: My Friend confiremed this was true! Believe whoever you want! I can’t confirm it!

Digg Funny

A really stupid thief

This story is now on Digg. This guy stole someone laptop and wanted to use it to upload pictures to his flickr account, the only thing he forgot to do is logout from the owner’s account! so he ended up uploading his pictures (face and tattoos) to the owner’s account!!!

here’s the genius
Stupid thief


St Dimitri and Bachir Gemayel

I was telling my friend a few days ago about the problem in Achrafieh that started after the Government decided to finally name an avenue after Bachir Gemayel, When we finished talking about the issue he told me a Joke about St Dimitri and Bachir Gemayel:

After dying Bachir went to heaven, while he was walking there he met St Maroun so he approached him, greeted him and asked him how he was doing. But St Maroun just ignored Bachir and kept walking! Bachir was surprised but continued, he met Jesus Christ so he greeted him and asked him why St Maroun didn’t reply but Jesus didn’t reply too!! Bachir was really surprised wondering why no one is answering him but a few moments later he heard a voice calling him he turned around and saw a man running towards him, the man hugged him, kissed him and asked Bachir if he had recognized him, Bachir didn’t. The person explained that he was St Dimitri and that he was from Achrafieh, he told Bachir how much he loved him and started talking to him. After some time Bachir asked St Dimitri why St Maroun and Jesus ignored him so St Dimitri replied: “The first is Syrian and the second is Palestinian, how do you expect them to talk to you!?”

Funny Lebanon Videos

A “missed call” during the civil war.

Usually when you go to pick someone up from his house you “missed call” him to come down, During the civil war the mobile phone wasn’t available yet so people used another method, check it out.

Funny Weird

A condom in his beer!

A Russian man launched a law suit against a beer company after he found a condom wrapper and a piece of plastic in his beer! He wants 2 million dollars for moral compensation since according to his lawyer he is now afraid to buy liquids stored in bottles.

You can find the complete article here (in French).

Man finds condom in beer

Funny Videos

Lifeguard’s Bathroom Break

A very funny video from Metacafe!

Bathroom BreakClick here for the most popular videos

Funny Videos

SLCHI – Miss Lebanon

euhm je vais vous poser une question très simple et très direct-eu! comment trouvez-vous la personnalité de la femmmmme tangentiellement à celle de l’homme par rapport à la racine carré divisée par le log népérien, OU le subjonctif présent de ce dernier. A Paris, cette parabole est sujette à des changements plébiens, mais, anticonstitutionnels à la procréation, donc, qu’en pensez-vous? Merci.

This is one of the funniest SL CHI clips! I hope MTV returns and SL CHI restarts, I know half the crew is now at FTV in La Youmal but SL CHI was much funnier.