St Dimitri and Bachir Gemayel

I was telling my friend a few days ago about the problem in Achrafieh that started after the Government decided to finally name an avenue after Bachir Gemayel, When we finished talking about the issue he told me a Joke about St Dimitri and Bachir Gemayel:

After dying Bachir went to heaven, while he was walking there he met St Maroun so he approached him, greeted him and asked him how he was doing. But St Maroun just ignored Bachir and kept walking! Bachir was surprised but continued, he met Jesus Christ so he greeted him and asked him why St Maroun didn’t reply but Jesus didn’t reply too!! Bachir was really surprised wondering why no one is answering him but a few moments later he heard a voice calling him he turned around and saw a man running towards him, the man hugged him, kissed him and asked Bachir if he had recognized him, Bachir didn’t. The person explained that he was St Dimitri and that he was from Achrafieh, he told Bachir how much he loved him and started talking to him. After some time Bachir asked St Dimitri why St Maroun and Jesus ignored him so St Dimitri replied: “The first is Syrian and the second is Palestinian, how do you expect them to talk to you!?”