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Wi2am Wahab Humiliated on Manar TV

A friend told me that the last time Wahab was on Manar TV he got 2 surprises. Here’s what apparently happened:

A woman first called and started telling him how good he was and that they liked him so much. After she finished telling him all the crap allowed on Manar she asked him if he knew Walid Joumblat, his answer was of course “yes” so she told him: “Eh Bedo yfarfeklak mnekhirak ba3ed chi nhar” (sorry this really can’t be translated).

After a while another man called, he used the same startegy but at the end here’s what he said:

Caller: I really Like to go hunting.
Presenter: Please get to your point.
Caller: But I stopped going hunting some times ago, guess why?
Presenter: Why?
Caller: My dog died so would you please give me the one next to you?

At this point Wahab left the studio and the show was ended!

I searched google and YouTube for a video of this but found nothing. And since I am not really a regular Manar viewer I can’t personally confirm it happened so if you have a video or watched this please tell us if it’s true!

EDIT: Jad commented and said he watched the show and this never happened, I am going to ask the person who told me the story if he watched the show or if someone told him that it happened and I’ll keep you updated. but for now this is just a false rumor, sorry!

EDIT 2: My Friend confiremed this was true! Believe whoever you want! I can’t confirm it!

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Please email me if you ever find this on YouTube…
Would very much appreciate this !!!

Actually, just hearing about it has made my day/week/month!!!!

Elias, yes the comments are moderated, usually after you post a comment a message tells you that your comment is awaiting moderation, I don’t know why it didn’t in your case.
I’ll post the link to the video as soon as I find it, and I’ll also email to you.

sorry to be the one to burst you’re bubbles but i watched the show and what u’ve been told never happened.

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