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A Digital Ruler

A lot of time when I am modifying or making a site, I need to get the width and height of a certain area of the screen. Usually I used to take a screenshot of the screen, go to photoshop and cut the area I need to see the size of it, but that used to take time so yesterday I made this little tool that does the job for me.

It is a window with an empty area in it, just put the window around anything you want to measure and it will give you the size of it directly (in Pixels). You can also set the window to take a certain size you need or change its color.

Here’s a Picture of the Digital Ruler running:

ruler screenshot

To download and run the program you need to agree to its EULA, If the program doesn’t run you probably don’t have the .Net Framework 2.0 (available in most computers running Vista and XP) so download it from here.


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