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Lebanese Blog Spam

I receive a lot of spam daily on my blogs and most of it gets filtered by the Akismet anti spam plugin so I usually check the filter once per week to see if any clean comment was marked as spam. Two Weeks ago a comment caught my attention, the website of the writer of this comment was Lebanese so I first thought it was a wrong catch and wanted to un-spam it, but before I did so, I noticed many more similar comments also caught in the filter so I realized the comment was really a Lebanese spam message!

Since that date the Lebanese Blog Spam has been increasing, most of it gets caught by the filter but a few manage to get through it so I manually mark them as spam while moderating .

Here are some screenshots of the spam messages, the first 3 were caught in Exoleb‘s spam filter the other two made it to moderation (Haifa’s one in Exoleb, Fairuz’s one here).

3 lebanese spam caught in akismet

lebanese spam blog

lebanese blog spam