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A 17 year old girl is sentenced to death by hanging

EDIT: The article is apparently old. The Girl was freed, check the comments for more info.

The crazy regime in Iran is about to commit a new crime! They are sentenced a 17 years old girl to death by hanging for defending herself against three men that wanted to rape her! The 3 rapists attacked her in a park so she stabbed one of the attackers who latter died in hospital and this act of self defense is getting her a death sentence!

What’s more crazy about this is that if she did not resist rape she would have been killed by her relatives to preserve the “family honor” or she would have been stoned as adulterer.

I don’t really know what the world can do to stop this but you can’t find some ways to help in the original article.

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The article is not working coz it was apparently Digged so I guess the server is down now.
I wrote about it yesterday when it only had a couple of diggs and no comment but now people commented on it and it looks like the girl was freed and here’s her site.

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