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M*A*S*H is a TV series from the 70s and the 80s that I used to watch on the Paramount Comedy Channel (Now ShowComedy) a couple of years ago before they stopped it, two weeks ago I saw Season 1 and 2 in the DVD renting place so I got them and watched them.

M*A*S*H is about an American Mobile Army Surgical Hospital in the Korean War and the way the staff is dealing with the war.
“Hawkey” Pierce, the main character is a sarcastic surgeon that hates the war, his friend “Trapper” McIntyre is basically a slight variation of his character that’s just a little calmer, together they “ruin the war” for Major Frank Burns, a cheap person that’s also a bad surgeon and Margaret “Hotlips” Houlihan the head nurse, they do all this while showing us the ugliness of war for everyone participating in it in a funny unique way.

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Other characters are:

  • Colonel Henry Blake: He is the one in command (well sort of), he also hates the war and everything in it, Hawkey and Trapper always manage to manipulate him to get what they want.
  • Radar O’Reilly: The company Clerk, he is the colonel’s assistant but sometimes he seems to be the one in Charge, he is called Radar because he has the ability to know stuff before they happen.
  • Maxwell Klinger: A Libano-American who’s only goal is to leave the army, to achieve this he dresses like a girl hopping he gets discharged for being crazy!

(Some of the characters do not participate in all the other seasons)

You should really watch the show it is entertaining and funny and it keeps getting better as the episodes pass (season 2 is better than season 1 in my opinion) All the seasons have been released to DVD so I hope the DVD store gets them soon!

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I have been watching M*A*S*H since i was in Jr. High School and I have been out of High School for over 25 yrs now. I have seen Every episode from the Pilot to the Season Finale at least twice. I cant get enough of this slap-stick type of humor. I love it from Hawk-Eye and Trapper when they team up on Frank Burns, to when Hawk-Eye and B.J. team up on Charles E. Winchester. I also like the way the rising stars found their way to the big screen by starting on M*A*S*H folks like Patrick Swayze , Laurence Fishburne, and others. One of my Favorite episodes is when Alan Alda is playing along side his Real Life father and brother at the Aide Station .

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