Lebanon Politics

2006 Summer War

Last summer was supposed to be one of Lebanon’s greatest summers, tourists where everywhere and the economy was recovering from the shock it received after the murder of Rafic Hariri the previous year. That was until the 12 of July, on this “Holy day”, Hezbollah decided to kidnap a couple of Israeli soldiers to exchange them with Samir L Kuntar who’s basically a guy who entered Palestine with a Palestinian organization to Liberate Palestine but who is still considered Lebanese by Hezbollah for some reason, That’s not all the Government members (Hezbollah was part of this government) had also agreed that Hezbollah can attack the Chebaa farms to free them but that the government was supposed to take care of the prisoners issue through “diplomatic channels”.

Anyways Hezbollah attacked and Israel “replied in a proper way” (for Israel that means destroying Lebanon), so for 34 days Israel bombed the bridges, factories (Important military ones, ex: Milk Factories, pre-fabricated houses Factories…), Cellular towers, TV Antennas and every village in south Lebanon killing more than 1200 civilian, Hezbollah replied by launching rockets at Israel some of them destroyed a couple of buildings but most of them did nothing.
Israel also tried to enter Lebanon but Hezbollah succeeded in inflicting heavy damages to the Israeli troops so during the 34 days they were never able to control a village!

After 34 days, on the 14 of August 2006, UN resolution 1701 was voted and the war ended, Hezbollah declared victory over Israel (A Divine Victory to be precise) and that was it, you cannot question Hezbollah’s decision to launch the war and you cannot say we didn’t win -not that I don’t like winning, but 1500 martyrs (civilians + Lebanese Army + Hezbollah fighters), a destroyed economy and no goals achieved aren’t really my idea of winning and that doesn’t mean we lost by the way- so let’s just hope a new divine war is not declared anytime soon because we are seriously tired of holy battles!