As you already know, yesterday I didn’t have internet for most of the day, so I had to do all my work at night in the same time!

I was working on a Big Update for Exoleb so I had more than 50 pictures to crop, resize, fix (brightness, level, contrast) and add Exoleb logo to, while doing all this I was also writing the posts and adding the photo gallery code to them, talking to a couple of people on MSN Messenger and working on a small “photo managing” application that I thought of while editing all the pictures, to make things more complicated I decided to change the way post are written in Exoleb to see people’s reaction, but writing posts this way takes a lot of times so even if people like it, I don’t think I am going to do more than 1 post like this every update.

I finished everything at 1:30 this morning and went directly to bed, I usually stay up later than this but I’d be talking to people on MSN instead of doing all this! So that’s the first time I am tired of working on a PC!