How to park your car

Yesterday night while I was backing up into a parking spot at city centre I felt that the car behind me was closer then usual. When I finished parking I went to investigate and that’s how this car was parked!



If you have nothing to do, read this.

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Okay so after having wasted 5 minutes of your which camp do you support?

PS: In case you were wondering how is this kitten picture related to the article. It’s not, but I sometime stop posting for long periods of time and I don’t want to greet my future visitors with a toiler paper roll.

Cell Phones Weird


mobile phones outnumber toothbrushes two-to-one.


People Science Weird

Alien hand syndrome.

There’s currently a very interesting article on BBC about the alien hand syndrome.


Animals Videos Weird

Weird Tiny Worm

I found this very small worm near the plants outside my office window and took a video of it moving on a POST IT note! notice how it moves and how tiny it is!

Lebanon Weird

Spiderman in Lebanon

You know you’re studying a lot when you learn about a Lebanese event from a Kuwaiti blog! Apparently Alain Robert (the guy who climbs building around the world and gets arrested at the end) was in Lebanon last week to climb the Phoenicia Hotel, But in Lebanon the whole thing was advertised (Gillette was the sponsor) and from the background music and comments I guess it was being broadcasted live on the Radio.

Here’s the video of the event:


Al Wasseet!

You can find some weird ads in Al Wasseet every week but this week 2 ads managed to be very weird!

Ad Number 1:

Missed call and get a job!

Ad Number 2:

Be worry Blue Pills
Nothing say quality more then “blue pills”so “BE WORRY” some people will try to replicate this great product and sell it to you! don’t fall in the trap!

Lebanon Personal Weird

No Paper Tissue at the Bain Militaire!!!

A week ago, my Girlfriend and I went to the first bain militaire at Kaslik. It was a long time since we went there. The place was nice and relatively calm, but they told me it gets a little crowded on weekends.

After swiming and tanning for a while we decided to get something to eat. We headed to the restaurant and checked the menu. The menu was composed of a variety of fast foods including the Bain Militaire exclusive specialty The BErgers: The HambErger, The CheesebErger for cheese lovers and the ChickenbErger for the chicken lovers…

The service at the restaurant was amazingly fast, our bErgers were delivered in less than 2 minutes. We headed to our table but noticed they didn’t give us any paper tissues. So I went back there to get some, but the guy told me they didn’t have any! I went to the cashier to try and get some, but he didn’t have any tissues too. I told him I will buy some if they sell and apparently they don’t even sell them!

No Paper Tissue at the Bain Militaire!!!

I know our army cannot afford buying enough weapons but I am pretty sure they can get some paper tissues to use at their clubs.

People Weird World

Crazy Saudi Arabia

Prosecutors in Saudi Arabia have begun investigating 57 young men who were arrested on Thursday for flirting with girls at shopping centres in Mecca.

For more info on the crime read the story on BBC!

People Weird World

A Cab driver accuses a customer of stealing his … Penis!!!

I read a lot of weird news stories but this one must be the weirdest! The story is in French but here’s a small translation by me:

Apparently a cab driver in a small town in Nigeria is accusing one of his customer of stealing his penis using a pigeon! The union of drivers is threatening to file a lawsuit if the penis isn’t returned in the next 24 hours and the police are taking it seriously and are searching for the missing “object”!