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Old Nido Commercial (1990)

We all know the Nido commercial, but I don’t think a lot of people know the old commercial, it’s the same concept but the song is in English.
Here’s the video from YouTube.

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Close the Bridge, Film a Video Clip!

Two days ago while returning from university my friends and I noticed a stage was being built on the “Nahr L Mot” new bridge! We tried to guess why would someone build a stage on a bridge but we didn’t really find any possible explanation.

A stage on a bridge

Today my friend told me that he passed there at night and saw that a singer was filming a video clip and that they had also erected a huge poster behind her. All the equipment was removed the next day and everything was back to normal. But what I don’t get is why would someone film a video clip on the bridge, there is no scene behind her since she erected here poster so why did she choose the bridge and not some flat ground!


Weird experiments!

1 Dog 2 HeadsAttaching a dog’s head to another dog, keeping a dog’s head alive and disconnected from it’s body, trying to make a human/ape hybrid creature, exchanging the heads of apes! and many other weird experiments you probably never thought a human could even think of doing can be found here!


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The anti 14 March Game (Kill Sanioura and the government!)

Today Naharnet is reporting that the police launched an investigation about a game in which the player is supposed to storm the Serail and kill Sanioura and all his ministers. I googled a little for the game but found nothing, I remembered seeing a game about the battle of Nahr L Bared on an anti 14 March blog so I guessed he could have also made the other game and tried to find the blog but it was unavailable! I first thought I reached the wrong page so I reggogled and this time I used >anti 14 march blogspot< as search words. I was right the first time,the blog was correct and it is now closed but Google has a nice feature called “Google Cache” so I checked the site using it and found the original page.

Anti 14 march blog and game

The guy that made this game is really weird! People are allowed to have different political opinions! but wanting the opponent dead is just crazy!!

Internet Movies Music

Search Files (mp3s, movies…) using Google

MUSIC: intitle:index.of +”last modified” +”parent directory” +(mp3|wma|ogg) +”song name” -htm -html -php -asp

MOVIE: intitle:index.of +”last modified” +”parent directory” +(avi|rar|mov) +”movie name” -htm -html -php -asp

Those are just a few examples on how to find files using google, this is not new but I am sure some people don’t know it, so just copy the sentence and change the file name with the one you want.

Here’s what every word in the search works so modify the search sentence according to your needs

-intitle:index.of > The page title contains index of (so you get an index of files)
-”last modified” +”parent directory” > index pages contain these words so we need them
-+(avi|rar|mov) > the file types normaly used by the medias we want
–htm -html -php -asp > we don’t need any of those page types


The World Without Us

A graphic showing what would happen to the earth after humans are gone.

From Digg

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Iraqi Blogs

The BBC has a nice article with a list of Iraqi Bloggers, reading the blogs on that list is really interesting, bloggers talk about how they are living in Iraq and you understand the problems they are facing a lot better.

In the list there is a blog for a guy called Nabil, he is an Iraqi who now moved to Jordan. Before moving the street he was living in was invaded by Al Qaeda!! Reading his description of life in Iraq makes you wonder how some people are still living there! In one of his posts he talks about a “funny” story that happened to him, he almost got hit by a bullet while he was playing his guitar, the “funny” thing is that the bullet entered his room the second he said: “Now I’ve been happy lately,”!! (he was recording himself so you can actually here it happen!!)

I hope Iraqis get to live in peace soon, a couple of outsiders are fighting a war in Iraq and they are the victims of it!

Lebanon Television

MTV removed from An Nahar

Today MTV was removed from An Nahar Newspaper “today’s TV Programs” section.

An Nahar kept MTV with an empty list under it since the day it was closed down by the Syrian controlled government, MTV was supposed to re-open after the Syrian withdraw but didn’t, I was told that rotana has a contract with Gabriel L Mur and was using the MTV studios, so since Murr was already making money he didn’t want to re-open the station. And now that it got removed from An Nahar I think MTV is officialy not re-opening anymore!


How to detect fake photos

The Christian science monitor has an article on Photoshop manipulation of pictures, the article has a few photo manipulation stories and little interesting guide on how to spot edited pictures at the end of it.

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Schools closed next year?

I’ve been hearing a lot of talk lately about schools not opening next year in Lebanon! apparently this might happen because of the presidential elections and the problems that might come with it!

If this happens I want to congratulate the politicians for ruining the lives of every generation of Lebanese! Maybe people will now be required to send kids to schools outside Lebanon instead of waiting for them to finish their studies and then send them!

A School Bus