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Lebanon Politics

Who are they protesting to?

We have no president, they don’t consider the government a “legal” one, and the parliament (open or not) is controlled by them.
In addition to all this, they (AMAL and Hezbollah recently) controlled the ministry of electricity for many years, so who are they protecting to?


In case you’re bored

If, like me, you’re one of the people who decided to turn off his TV and stop watching the bunch of crazy Lebanese on the streets. I’ve got some links and a video that might help you forget about the problems the country is in!

We’ll start by this selection of “Perfect” Ads, a lot of the ads are funny and true so check them out. In case you’d like to see more ads click here and check out this interesting one or here to see another 35 ads. Another website you should check is this one, it uses a powerful algorithm to detect the dirty parts of your screen and clean them, it doesn’t always work but give it a try.

My final link before the video is to a website that enables you to destroy other websites! I am sure a site just popped in to your mind so attack it!!

Via Digg and SU.

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The Softwares Room

A friend of mine recently started a blog about softwares. The blog is always updated with new and useful softwares organized into different categories. Every post contains a small description of the software in question and a download link. All the softwares are legal and the site doesn’t offer any pirated content.

In addition to the softwares you can also find pluggins to various programs (Firefox…) and some useful tips and tricks. Check out the site here and don’t hesitate to contact them if you have any software related question. I am sure they can help!

Lebanon Politics

BN: Explosion in the Chevrolet Area

It’s all in the title! I’ll keep you updated!

Update 1:
The explosion hit a military car that was part of a military convoy..
Confirmed: A civilian was killed by the blast.
Source: OTV

Update 2:
The explosion targeted the “Nakib” Wissam Eid according to NewTV. He was killed in the blast.
According to OTV his house was attacked last year, he was also injured during the Naher L Bared Battle.

5 10 confirmed victims

Update 3:
According to LBCI the security forces caught a guy wearing a suit similar to the one used by the red cross that was on the scene of the explosion!

Lebanon People World

Spot the Difference!

Try to spot the difference between these two photos taken from yesterday’s BBC “In Pictures”.

Picture 1:

protester lebanon
In Lebanon, a protester holds up a piece of bread during a strike by agricultural and transport unions to protest against the rising cost of living.

Picture 2:

protester france
French teaching unions hold protests in the town of Caen over government plans to slash 11,000 education sector jobs.

Lebanon People

Jailed for Crude Remarks on Facebook!!

I just saw this on Naharnet, does anyone have more info about it?? it seems weird that they jailed 4 guys because of some remarks over singing talents! I guess there’s a more serious motive, if not we have serious issues in this country (a new kind of serious issues)!

our Lebanese university students have been jailed for a week for making crude remarks on the Facebook social networking site about the singing talents of a woman they met at a party, media reports said on Thursday.

Local newspapers reported that the students — all male — were ordered to be detained on January 10 after the young woman’s father objected to the authorities in the eastern town of Zahle.

The four were charged with slander and “violating public morality” and were ordered to be held in preventive detention despite objections by human rights groups.(AFP)

Lebanon Politics

Explosion targets US diplomatic car

A US diplomatic car was targeted by an explosion an hour ago, apparently no one in the car was killed but unfortunately innocent civilians passing by were killed!

Usually US diplomats travel in cars separated by a couple of meters so I guess another US car took the wounded out of the targeted car, left some guards around, took the plates and left. (The car was already guarded when news crews arrived and no plates were on the car.)

The LBCI reporter pointed out that no one is currently allowed to even open the car doors to preserve evidence, something we are not used to!

RIP the martyrs and hope the wounded get well soon!

2008: 2 Explosions already!!! Apparently that’s gonna be a good year!

Lebanon Politics Videos

Exclusive Video: Geagea and Aoun meeting!

I received this video by mail today. It is supposed to be a secret meeting between Samir Geagea and Michel Aoun. You can’t hear them talk but they are smiling so I hope they agreed on something to get us out of this crisis! I also hope LFers and FPMers smile at each others more! the leaders are smiling I am sure the people can too!

Exclusive Video: Geagea and Aoun meeting!

Weird World

33 Weird Statues and Sculptures

Check out this collection of 33 Weird Statues and sculptures from around the world.

Magic Floating Tap

Visit the original blog post to read how this tap works and see the 32 other sculptures.