Exclusive Video: Geagea and Aoun meeting!

I received this video by mail today. It is supposed to be a secret meeting between Samir Geagea and Michel Aoun. You can’t hear them talk but they are smiling so I hope they agreed on something to get us out of this crisis! I also hope LFers and FPMers smile at each others more! the leaders are smiling I am sure the people can too!

Exclusive Video: Geagea and Aoun meeting!

Gebran Tueni Month

Two years ago on the 12 of this month a bunch of cowards assassinated the only free, independent and Lebanese politician in Lebanon. On the 12/12/05 they murdered Gebran Tueni! They tried to silence him by killing him but they did not succeed and they never will. Starting today I will publish a post about Gebran everyday until the 12 of December, those post will hopefully let each one of you remember Gebran’s words and let the killers remember that he will never die!

I’ll start by the most famous speech of Gebran, his speech on March 14 2005, the day we gave Syria the final kick out of Lebanon, the day we all pledged to remain united together protecting our Lebanon.

What did they learn?

Check out this video from the INA websites about Christians killing each others! How can people still follow these two after all what they did to us!!

Here’s the original description of this video in French flowed by my English translation:

Les combats opposent l’armée du général Aoun et les forces libanaises de Samir Geagea dans le quartier chrétien de Beyrouth-Est. Reportage tourné par une équipe de Médecins du Monde montrant comment la population civile survit au milieu des terribles combats.

Fights opose the army of General Aoun and the Lebanese Forces of Samir Geagea in the east part of Beirut. The video was filmed by a team of “Médecins du Monde” showing how the civilians are surviving in the middle of the horrible fights.

The last sentence of the video is very true! “La solution, Le jugement de Salomon, que celui des deux qui aime le plus son pays l’abandone a l’autre pour qu’au moins dechirer extenuer le Liban survive.” (In English: The solution: Salomon’s Judgement. The one who loves more his country should leave it for the other side, that way Lebanon will survive even if it is ripped apart and destroyed) This sentence also applies for the current “crisis” we are living.