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Okay so after having wasted 5 minutes of your which camp do you support?

PS: In case you were wondering how is this kitten picture related to the article. It’s not, but I sometime stop posting for long periods of time and I don’t want to greet my future visitors with a toiler paper roll.

Cell Phones Weird


mobile phones outnumber toothbrushes two-to-one.



Lebanese flag


Lebanese flag in Sin El Fil

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Funny Lebanon

Windows XP screensaver on Jal El Dib ad



This morning while going to work I noticed that the ad on the Jal el dib highway was displaying the windows xp screen saver instead of ads!
I guess someone is getting fired for not moving the mouse :p

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Internet Lebanon

Broadband finally arriving to Lebanon?

I just read this article on Agenda Culturel (french – click here for the english translation).

Apparently they are going to start laying the fiber optics cable required to deliver fast broadband to Lebanese internet users. The article says we should receive speeds of 15Mbps soon.

With all the political problems and the fact that there is no government to approve the future steps of the plan I doubt this will happen, but we can only hope!

People Science Weird

Alien hand syndrome.

There’s currently a very interesting article on BBC about the alien hand syndrome.


Blogging Cell Phones Software

Testing posting from cell phone

I just installed the WordPress android application, it looks like it has all the needed features for quick blogging. I am going to test it in the next couple of days and review it here.

Funny Lebanon

Money Laundry

There’s a new laundry that opened on the way to my house. With the new sign I am not sure what kind of laundry they do!