Wi2am Wahab Humiliated on Manar TV

A friend told me that the last time Wahab was on Manar TV he got 2 surprises. Here’s what apparently happened:

A woman first called and started telling him how good he was and that they liked him so much. After she finished telling him all the crap allowed on Manar she asked him if he knew Walid Joumblat, his answer was of course “yes” so she told him: “Eh Bedo yfarfeklak mnekhirak ba3ed chi nhar” (sorry this really can’t be translated).

After a while another man called, he used the same startegy but at the end here’s what he said:

Caller: I really Like to go hunting.
Presenter: Please get to your point.
Caller: But I stopped going hunting some times ago, guess why?
Presenter: Why?
Caller: My dog died so would you please give me the one next to you?

At this point Wahab left the studio and the show was ended!

I searched google and YouTube for a video of this but found nothing. And since I am not really a regular Manar viewer I can’t personally confirm it happened so if you have a video or watched this please tell us if it’s true!

EDIT: Jad commented and said he watched the show and this never happened, I am going to ask the person who told me the story if he watched the show or if someone told him that it happened and I’ll keep you updated. but for now this is just a false rumor, sorry!

EDIT 2: My Friend confiremed this was true! Believe whoever you want! I can’t confirm it!

Kalem L Ness – Bachir Gemayel

Bachir Gemayel with some LF troopsThis Wednesday Kalem L Ness is going to have a special episode on President Bachir Gemayel. They are going to talk to some of his friends about his life and achievements.

LBCI is finally getting better at commemorating Bachir, I remember a couple of years ago when LBCI’s coverage was so bad that Solange reminded them who founded LBCI during Bachir’s memorial! This year some improvement were made but imo they can do a lot more then this, for example OTV showed clips of Bach all the day on the 23rd of August while LBCI just reported that they raised his poster on Sascine Square in Achrafieh.

OTV Road Signs

OTV Road SignsA couple of days ago while going to university I noticed a new sign on the road showing the way to OTV, the sign is very nice! it’s a “Closed to Vehicles” road sign but the border is orange instead of red with a leaf on the top and an arrow showing the way to go under it.

This is another great designs by the creative people at OTV, but the only problem in the channel is the obsession they have with orange, I know it’s called ORANGE TV but seriously the orange addiction FPMers have is really getting annoying now!

Is the Battle of Nahr El Bared over?

Lebanese Army APCToday while checking the AFP news on my cell after waking up I was surprised by news that the army killed 20 terrorists while they were trying to flee the camp and captured 7 but apparently 5 including Chaker L Absi (The leader of the group) managed to flee so the army was searching Nahr L Bared and the surrounding areas. I went to the living room to watch TV and see what happening and only Al Jazeera was reporting live from the camp! The Lebanese TV channels were just showing the normal morning shows!!!

The Lebanese TV channels were not properly covering the Battle from Day one (Hariri or Aoun or any politician repeating the same thing he has been saying for a year is more important than Lebanese Soldiers dying for Lebanon according to those Channels!) but this might be the last day of battle and the least they could do is show us what is happening! “Jarass” a Lebanese Music Television was broadcasting Army songs but Lebanese News Television were doing nothing!!!

I just checked Google news, what’s happening in Lebanon is on the front page same for BBC news! So when will the Lebanese TVs respect the army as much as foreign news sources are?

UPDATE: I just turned on the TV in my room, LBCI is now reporting from Nahr L Bared! 10 apparently escaped and 2 were killed in villages surrounding the camp.

MTV removed from An Nahar

Today MTV was removed from An Nahar Newspaper “today’s TV Programs” section.

An Nahar kept MTV with an empty list under it since the day it was closed down by the Syrian controlled government, MTV was supposed to re-open after the Syrian withdraw but didn’t, I was told that rotana has a contract with Gabriel L Mur and was using the MTV studios, so since Murr was already making money he didn’t want to re-open the station. And now that it got removed from An Nahar I think MTV is officialy not re-opening anymore!