Gebran Tueni

Remembering Gebran Tueni

A lot of events will take place this week to commemorate the death of Gebran Tueni, On Wednesday a prayer will be held at the St Dimitri Church in Achrafieh.

The 2nd Gebran Tueni award will be presented to its winner this sunday from 9:30AM till 12:00PM at Biel Beirut.

In addition to all this many TV shows will be dedicated to Gebran Tueni:

  • Tonight: Kalem L Ness on LBCI @ 9:30PM
  • Nour L Chabab on Tele Lumiere tomorow @ 6:00PM
  • A special show with Jean Aziz @ 9:00, Tuesday on Otv
  • Bi Kol Jor2, Tuesday @ 9:30 on LBCI
  • Al Isti7kak @ 9:30PM on Thursday on FTV

A special Nahar El Shabeb dedicated to Gebran will be available next Thursday.