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I Won!!

Today Microsoft was having the first Microsoft Student Festival in my university. The festival is actually a small exposition by some sponsors, followed by a presentation about Microsoft and the future of computers and finally a draw takes place and one student wins a lot of prices! And in USJ that student was me!!! I won!!! :D

In addition to the prizes I won, another student got a free training courses and we all received a bag from Microsoft containing a T-Shirt a Dunkin-Donuts free coffe coupon and a VB.NET 2008 Express CD.

Microsoft Student Festival

Microsoft Student Festival gifts

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here are my gifts:

* 1 Fujitsu Siemens Laptop Computer from Aptec Lebanon
* 1 Pre-Loaded with 250$ Debit Card from Bank Audi
* 1 Year Free ADSL + Setup from IDM
* 1 Weekend in a SMART CAR from SMART
* 1 Year of Free Donuts & Coffee from Dunkin Donuts
* 1 Valuable Multimedia Prize from Abed Tahan
* 1 Full Microsoft Track from New Horizons
* 1 Full Microsoft Track from Formatech
* 1 Full Microsoft Track from ACT
* 2,500$ Voucher from ACT College for Any MCP Track
* Dinner for 2 at Rotana Cafe – Beirut

Eliedh, you blog a lot and a short time after I’ve come and left a comment on some post, you would have 3 or 4 new posts already on your blog. Point is: I missed this post. Message is: congrats!

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