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Email claiming McDonald’s could be a Terrorist target

Today I received a forwarded mail that claims that sources from the UNIFIL intelligence told someone that some terrorists want to attack MCDonalds in Lebanon to oppose the Annapolis conference.

Here’s the mail, it was originally sent by some Joumana but that could be easily faked so I wont put the full name or e-mail of the person:

Dear All,

Through UNIFIL Intelligence Sources, we are informed that Mc Donald’s restaurants in Lebanon could be a target by TERRORISTS opposing the Annapolis meeting. So you are advised to avoid these places for the remaining of the week.
Stay Safe,

In my opinion this mail is just a bad joke done by some person that wants to harm McDonald’s. For starters UNIFIL does not go sharing its intelligence with people! And even if it did I guess they would have just made it public instead of telling “Joumana” leaving her the task to protect the Lebanese! In addition to this and if my memory is correct I remember receiving something similar to this a couple of years ago, and the mail got denied on TV back then and the police started an investigation to find out who the sender was.

So if you receive this mail just ignore it and throw it in your trash, I am pretty sure McDonald’s is secure, don’t worry you can have a big Mac this week!

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