Lebanese Army getting 3 Bombers

Naharnet is reporting that the USA is sending 3 bombers for training purposes to the Lebanese army, the aircrafts are some A-3 Skywarriors that originally retired in 91, its better then nothing, we can’t really complain since we are not paying for them but I just wish that the USA supports the army as much as it talks about supporting it.

Here’s the picture of the plane, I am not sure the ones they are sending look exactly the same since they are training versions.

Lebanese Army getting 3 Bombers A3D Skywarrior


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from Naharnet: The official said the Lebanese Air Force wants trainers capable of carrying bombs and attacking ground targets.

It doesn’t exactly look like the arms deal with SA, it look more like some planes that the army wants in case a new Naher L Bared starts, of course since the US won’t give us descent up-to date planes for the job, it gave us those but what other choice do we have??

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