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How to view Blogger in English

In Lebanon a lot of people are connected to the internet via a semi-legal cable provider since the services provided by the Ministry of Telecommunication are very slow or very limited in bandwidth.

The cable provider are subscribed to worldwide providers mainly from Russia and Turkey so because of this a lot of time websites identify you as being Russian or Turkish and show up in the language of that country. Google does that the first time you connect to it but pressing “View Google in English” under the search button fixes the problem and remembers your choice, ImperiaOnline a multi player game I’ve been playing lately also opens in Russian every time I visit the site but unfortunately doesn’t want to remember that I press the little British flag every time I enter it. Another website that also thinks I am Russian is Blogger, it does that every time I access a blogger’s profile but doesn’t offer me any way to switch back to English so today I had the idea to go to blogger main page to see if I can select me preferred language on it.

When I accessed the page I was surprised to find out that it was in English! I tried refreshing a profile I was checking but it still showed up in Russian so I clicked on the Language selection Drop Box on the top of the main page and chose “English UK”, I refreshed the profile again and this time it showed up in English!