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Sabah sings for Bashar L Assad

A new singer joined the group of Bachar L Assad entertainers, after Najwa Karam, Wael Kfoury and some other Lebanese singers sang for the dictator Sabah followed and decided to sing for his dictatorship praising the fact that he wont get his ass of the chair.

Sabah sang for him during the Damascus Cinema festival were she received an award. I know Lebanese singer and artists in general are not appreciated, supported and respected by the Lebanese government but that shouldn’t get her to sing for this guy that contributed a lot in forming this breed of politicians that got Lebanon to the place it is in today.

Here’s an extract of the article from AnNahar.

في حفل تكريمها بمهرجان دمشق السينمائي الخامس عشر، فاجأت الفنانة صباح ادارة المهرجان والحضور باصرارها على غناء موال يمتدح الرئيس السوري بشار الاسد.
وقد احتاجت صباح الى مساعدة لاعتلاء منصة التكريم والوقوف قائلة: “ما زلت أستطيع الوقوف بفضل محبتكم”، وأصرت على غناء موال يمدح “شموخ” الرئيس السوري الذي “لا يهتز عرشه”، اضافة الى مقطع من احدى اغنياتها القديمة