Games University

When you are bored at university

On Fridays we have a weird schedule at university. We start at 8 in the morning and finish at 8:15 PM, but we only have 3 classes in between so we have 6 free hours to fill. Some of us go home but that means you’ll spend your day on the road if you do not live near the university so a lot of people stay at university.

Last week we decided to test something, everyone agreed to get his laptop to try and play Counter Strike. At 9:30 when the first class was over we installed the game on all the laptops and tried to create an ad-hoc network between them, the network worked but we couldn’t play against each others so we decided to connect to the wireless router of the university and try again and this time it worked perfectly! everyone could connect and the game started, we played for hours and the time passed quickly, it was like we went 5 years back to the time when CS was so popular in Lebanon you couldn’t enter an internet cafe and not find 10 peoples in it playing the game.

Counter Strike