The Phoenix v/s The Cedar

The Cedars of Lebanon

People use two symbols for Lebanon, The Cedars that lives thousands of years and survives everything that comes in its way without leaning and the phoenix a mythical bird that regenerates from its own aches after it dies.

We have two symbols, but for some reason we forgot the first one. All we do is destroy our country, or have somebody destroy us every couple of years, then we regenerate from our aches only to restart the loop later on. What is wrong with us!? Why can’t we be more like the cedar, why can’t we just have a normal life! Why do we think that being destroyed is good because we will re-rise eventually?

What differentiate the cedar from the other trees is that it is able to live for thousands of years and that’s what made it so special, that’s why we chose it for our flag, we didn’t choose a pine tree or an apple tree because those trees live for a while and then die!

Let’s be a cedar and stop being a phoenix because there is nothing special or great about dying every once in a while!

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