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Is the Battle of Nahr El Bared over?

Lebanese Army APCToday while checking the AFP news on my cell after waking up I was surprised by news that the army killed 20 terrorists while they were trying to flee the camp and captured 7 but apparently 5 including Chaker L Absi (The leader of the group) managed to flee so the army was searching Nahr L Bared and the surrounding areas. I went to the living room to watch TV and see what happening and only Al Jazeera was reporting live from the camp! The Lebanese TV channels were just showing the normal morning shows!!!

The Lebanese TV channels were not properly covering the Battle from Day one (Hariri or Aoun or any politician repeating the same thing he has been saying for a year is more important than Lebanese Soldiers dying for Lebanon according to those Channels!) but this might be the last day of battle and the least they could do is show us what is happening! “Jarass” a Lebanese Music Television was broadcasting Army songs but Lebanese News Television were doing nothing!!!

I just checked Google news, what’s happening in Lebanon is on the front page same for BBC news! So when will the Lebanese TVs respect the army as much as foreign news sources are?

UPDATE: I just turned on the TV in my room, LBCI is now reporting from Nahr L Bared! 10 apparently escaped and 2 were killed in villages surrounding the camp.