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Lebanese Army using Hawker Hunters?

I just heard the LBC reporter in Nahr El Bared saying the Army might use Hawker Hunter aircraft to bomb the terrorists!

Hawker Hunter

The army has Hawker Hunter from the 60s, the last time they used them was in the Aoun Era (Video) but apparently they can still be used, so I hope the use of these aircrafts will make the operation easier for the Lebanese Army so they can finish the job sooner with less casualties.


I just read this at the army official site:

– صدر عن قيادة الجيش- مديرية التوجيه البيان التالي: اعتباراً من 17/8/2007 ولغاية 19/8/2007 ضمناً، ما بين الساعة 20.00 والساعة 24.00 من كل يوم، ستقوم القوات الجوية اللبنانية بتنفيذ طيران ليلي، بين قاعدتي بيروت ورياق الجويتين، وضمن حلقة المطار فوق القاعدتين المذكورتين.

and I am currently hearing jet planes (not Helicopters) flying overhead so I doubt the army is training with Boeings or Airbuses so those must be the Hawker Hunters practicing!!

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3endeh ma3loumeit enno l hawker hunter saro mechyin 4 men asel 9 w ra7 yen3amal fiyon este3rad

Yeah 1 or 2 (if not bore) were seen flying during independence day.
The army is also expecting delivery of a lot of mig-29 aircrafts.

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