Zahle Statue


Zahle Statue

Two days ago I went with my family to Zahle and on the entrance of Zahle I saw a statue of a women, I took a photo of the statue searched for what it symbolizes, I found a site about Zahle with these info:

Wine And Arak

Zahle’s association with the grape is pervasive, for it lies at the heart of an area that has been making wine since early antiquity. At the city’s southern entrance the statue of a graceful female personifies wine and poetry, but you don’t have to look far to see evidence of the real thing. The hills north of town with names like Wadi Hadi, Harqat, Bir Ghazour and Tell Zeina are covered with the neat rows of vineyards that supply Zahle’s wine and arak industries.
Many of the wines have been formally recognized abroad for their fine quality – equal to some of the best in Europe.

A tour of Zahle’s Ksara winery is a good way to see how wine and arak are made. Of special interest here are the extensive underground caves built around a natural grotto known and enlarged by the Romans.

Zahle is a great city, I invite you to visit someday, it has everything in it, a river with restaurants around it so you can enjoy the view while dining and a lot of known shops so you can shop in its streets.