The US Collapse and the USSR Collapse

This morning I found this article predicting a US Collapse in the near future, comparing it to the Soviet one 18 years ago and finaly comparing the aftermath of both collapses. The article is really interesting and you should read it if you have time! if you’re in a hurry just read the slides in it and that will give you a good idea of what might happen in the US in the near future. The only thing the author forgot to talk about IMO is the effect of a US collapse on the rest of the world! It is no secret that everyone depends on the US in a lot of feilds (mainly technology Microsoft, Google, IBM , Intel … and the list is long) so what do you think will happen to the world if the US collapses? I am sure those companies will not be totally immune to a complete collapse of the United States Of America!

Lebanese Canadian Bank Going Green

The Lebanese Canadian bank recently launched an ad campaign about them “going green” … and that’s basicly it :P

I just visited the site, I was greeted by a banner about the fact that they are going green but I couldn’t find any other info about that. It’s a good thing a Lebanese bank is doing that and I hope other banks and companies will follow but does anyone know how they are planning to do that?

Organizing my Media Files

For the past two weeks I’ve been organizing my media files (audio and video) at home. My files are spread between my Laptop (~100GB) and an external HDD (~80GB). To organize all this I decided to add a 250GB HDD to one of the PCs at home and dump all those files to it. The advantage of having the files on the PC is that I can access them whenever I want from my network. Moving the files from the external HDD to the PC was easy and fast via USB, but moving them from my laptop to the PC is taking a lot of time currently since I am doing it over my wireless connection and getting maximum speeds of 2MB/s. Tomorow am gonna try to see how faster the transfer will be if I plug my Laptop to the router, I just have to find the LAN cable I am sure I have somewhere :P so I can start to move the files faster!

Mix Faces

I found this cool website today that enables you to choose 2 or more faces and create an “average” out of them! it’s fun to try and mix the faces together and see the result you’ll get! The best thing about it is that you can upload your own faces too! Did you ever wonder what would the average of Michel Aoun and Samir Geagea be? Now is the time to try it just visit the site and mix them together! (and share your result with us, i was too scared to try that mix :P )

No Paper Tissue at the Bain Militaire!!!

A week ago, my Girlfriend and I went to the first bain militaire at Kaslik. It was a long time since we went there. The place was nice and relatively calm, but they told me it gets a little crowded on weekends.

After swiming and tanning for a while we decided to get something to eat. We headed to the restaurant and checked the menu. The menu was composed of a variety of fast foods including the Bain Militaire exclusive specialty The BErgers: The HambErger, The CheesebErger for cheese lovers and the ChickenbErger for the chicken lovers…

The service at the restaurant was amazingly fast, our bErgers were delivered in less than 2 minutes. We headed to our table but noticed they didn’t give us any paper tissues. So I went back there to get some, but the guy told me they didn’t have any! I went to the cashier to try and get some, but he didn’t have any tissues too. I told him I will buy some if they sell and apparently they don’t even sell them!

No Paper Tissue at the Bain Militaire!!!

I know our army cannot afford buying enough weapons but I am pretty sure they can get some paper tissues to use at their clubs.

Prison Break – Lebanon

According to Naharnet a real life prison break (there’s a TV show called Prison Break in case you don’t know) is currently taking place in Lebanon. 11 prisoners escaped from the Zahle prison this week end and the police already got 5 back in. I am pretty sure that unlike the show those prisoners did some serious crimes so I am hopping they catch the remaining 6.

Another thing I saw at Naharnet was a WAN advertisement concerning journalist being held in China for speaking the truth, You can send a message demanding the release of all imprisoned journalists ahead of the Olympic Games from the WAN website here.

Cattle transport to and in Lebanon

The WSPA (World society for the protection of animals) launched a campaign against long distance transport of animals for slaughter and Lebanon is one of the countries accused of making the animals suffer while transporting them.

Here’s what they say about the problem on the WSPA website.

Each week thousands of live cattle undertake a three week journey from the Amazon port of Belem in Brazil to Beirut in Lebanon.

Cattle are crammed into trucks in the burning Amazon heat. For four days they will be unable to move or lay down and will receive no food or water. Those that fall are trapped and injured. At the ship, the use of electric prods for loading further distresses the weakened cattle. Crushed against unfamiliar animals, the cattle can injure each other in their agitation. Heat stroke, trauma and respiratory disease will all be killers on the seventeen day voyage.

On arrival in Lebanon, cattle are often slaughtered in ways that are inhumane and violate religious requirements. After weeks of needless animal suffering, the consumer is misled into believing the meat is ‘Halal’. Humane slaughter, close to home, would not only end the cruelty, it would create jobs in Brazil.

You can check a map of the trip from Brazil to Lebanon with pictures and videos on the original campaign site.

I am for ending cruelty to animals but I don’t really like the solution they offer since it will result in less jobs in Lebanon, instead I think some sort of law that regulates animal transport should be made and applied when transporting animals to and in Lebanon.