Microsoft – Nokia Deal, Exclusive Details and Pictures

Today Microsoft and Nokia will announce an agreement, people were guessing that this agreement involves Office on Nokia phones. I have exclusive information that contradict this guess. What Microsoft and Nokia will be announcing today is the start of Windows on Nokia phones. You will first see XP on the new Nokia Smartphone N97 (pictured bellow running XP) and other phones will follow.

Okay! I was just kidding! I just saw the Giant Demo N97 in virgin city mall stuck on this XP screen and here is the pic.

Nokia N97 running XP

No internet

Apparently the servers of my internet provider have been attacked by a virus so while they are fixing the problem they stopped the internet conection (the game servers are still working).
I am writing this post on my brother’s N73 via wap, the browser on the cell is great but alfa’s wap is very slow.