Skydiving in Lebanon – kind of

One of the activities you cannot do in Lebanon is skydive. During the last two years a company managed to bring in a skydiving team and performed tandem jumps for a couple of days but the experience was expensive and I’m not sure of how good it was.

In order to skydive you have to travel abroad and that’s what I did on two occasions, once to Turkey and once to Dubai.

In my opinion everyone should skydive at least once! It’s an awesome experience and believe me when I say that it is not scary!

To skydive the weather has to be good and this is what makes traveling to skydive a little risky. Two of my friends had their jumps canceled at the last minute because of bad weather. So in order to maximize your chances of jumping try to do it as soon as you get to the country. This way if the weather turns out to be bad you’ll have the possibility of postponing the jump for another day.

I performed my first tandem jump in Ephesus, Turkey 2 years ago. I went skydiving with a friend, we payed around 1000$ per person. The price included the Beirut – Istanbul – Izmir 2 ways tickets, the hotel (3 days) and the jump. When I contacted the dropzone in Ephesus they asked me to contact Skyline Group in Lebanon, they took care of all the reservations for us so contact them if you’re interested.

Video sound muted by youtube

My second jump was in Dubai. That jump was SO much better in my opinion. The free-fall time was longer and overall it was a better experience. Skydiving in Dubai costs more but it is worth it. Contact Skydive Dubai if you want to skydive in Dubai.

Describing the experience is a little difficult to do and I won’t even try to do it, but I hope the videos above help you choose where you want to go to for skydiving. What’s certain is that those are not your only options, if you are traveling search for a dropzone in the country you are visiting and jump, You won’t regret it!