Lebanese Wines in Germany

While finding Lebanese or Arabic products in Germany is relatively easy since there are a lot of small Arabic supermarkets selling them, those stores do not usually offer wine or any other alcoholic beverages.

I’ve lived in Germany for around 2 years now and found a number of places to get my favorite Lebanese wines from, the list below is probably not complete and I’m sure you could find more places selling Lebanese wines.

The list is ordered alphabetically.

Der Wein Weber: You can get a large selection of Chateau Musar at I personally had a good experience with them and can recommend them. You can find some relatively old vintages priced cheaper than Lebanon (Chateau Musar 1999 for example).

GARIBALDI: You can buy some Musar wines at Garibaldi shops if there’s one near you. You can also get Musar wines from Garibaldi’s online shop.

Libanon Weine: has a good selection of different Lebanese wines, I ordered already from the website and they have extremely fast service. They also have Lebanese olive oil and Almaza Lebanese beer which was nice.

Wein Store 24: My latest find is WeinStore24, they have the largest selection of Lebanese wines in Germany I could find and the delivery was also relatively fast.