Internet speeds in Abu Dhabi

While we are currently happy about 3G, here are the internet speed am getting here in Abu Dhabi!

Hotel speeds:

Work speeds:


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Broadband finally arriving to Lebanon?

I just read this article on Agenda Culturel (french – click here for the english translation).

Apparently they are going to start laying the fiber optics cable required to deliver fast broadband to Lebanese internet users. The article says we should receive speeds of 15Mbps soon.

With all the political problems and the fact that there is no government to approve the future steps of the plan I doubt this will happen, but we can only hope!

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Alfa and Web 2.0

Today i noticed a new section on Alfa’s website, a media corner. The media corner is basicly a list of links to Alfa’s pages on different Web 2.0 websites. The idea is very interesting! they currently have a Youtube page, a Twitter page and a Flickr one. The Twitter page is the most interesting one in my opinion, I checked it and they are posting information about updates and replying to user coments. I don’t have a twitter account yet and I don’t think I’ll open one any time soon but it’s nice to see Lebanese companies using web 2.0 to better reach out to customers!