Lebanon World

Egypt gets 2,250 Megawatts for 300 million $, Lebanon pays 1.2 Billion $ for 700 Megawatts

A friend of mine shared this link on Facebook, can anyone explain the huge price difference?

CAIRO, Sep 20, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) — –GE-Led Consortium Wins Expansions at Giza North and Banha Power Plants, Projects Will Add 2,250 Megawatts

–These Contracts Constitute the Largest Power Generation Order Between GE and Egypt

GE has signed contracts totaling US$300 million to supply six gas turbines and associated services to the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company for two new combined-cycle power plants near Cairo that will support Egypt’s rapidly growing energy needs.


Internet World

2011, Mubarak, Wikipedia, Google

We live in a world were we can watch events unfold in another country the moment they happen, we can get updates from people on the ground via twitter, facebook…

We got used to all this! Today I was amazed by the fact that wikipedia was updated and google had already cached the new page less then an hour after Mubarak resigned!