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Formula One Brazilian Grand Prix

McLaren Mercedes F1

The Brazilian GP today will be the last and most exciting race of the season three drivers have a chance of getting the title, Hamilton with 107 points, Alonso with 103 and Raikonen with 100 points and they all want it.

Massa is in the Pole position today followed by Hamilton, Raikonen and then Alonso so all three drivers are close to each others on departures and I am sure they will all try to get ahead when the race starts. The Formula 1 Official website has an article explaining why every driver might win or loose and you can check this previous post to see the different combinations that will allow each driver to go home with the title.

The Race starts at 19:00 Beirut Time and you can watch it on Al Jazeera sports, I hope Hamilton wins, who do you support?

Lebanon News

Is the UNIFIL Jamming Lebanon’s Wireless Telecommunications?

Naharnet is reporting that the transmissions of a Satellite TV provider in Israel are being jammed by a UNIFIL navy vessel.

Lebanese TVs, Radios and Cell Phone communications are also being jammed, Everytime a political TV show hosts someone using satellite communications the link between him and the studio becomes disrupted. My Cell Phones is currently showing a message saying that the call is not encrypted so someone could listen to me every time I dial a phone number and Marwan Hmadeh even assured us on TV that aerial communications are not secure in Lebanon. So is the same navy vessel also jamming our Radio waves or are the friendly countries around us doing this?

Internet Lebanon News services

Lebanese Army Logo

The official Lebanese Army website offers a lot of nice useful feature, you can check the headlines of all the Lebanese newspapers, read a summary of the editorials of all the newspapers, check the Lebanese Army news, read a summary of news from the Middle East, the enemy (Israel) and the world, you can also read the introduction of the news on some radio stations.

Another page contains the precise hour of the start of the day and of the end of the day for september. (Useful for Ramadan I guess)

You can also get a couple of nice Lebanese Army wallpapers for your desktop.

All of those services are offered for free in addition to news and information about the Lebanese Army and a list of the martyrs who died during the battle of Nahr El Bared.