Digg Firefox

Digg it in Firefox Bookmark Toolbar

A couple of days ago I started checking Digg for technological news and funny/weird stories, and today I decided to start Digging stories myself, so I created an account and was ready to go until I noticed that while most of the websites and blogs that I visit have a Digg button somewhere on the page, a lot didn’t!


I use Firefox so the first thing I thought of was getting an extension that would act as a “Digg This” button, I googled for it and got a couple of extensions ranging from a dig toolbar to a “Digg Button” in the status bar, while those extensions are not bad, none of them interested me, so I decided to make a JavaScript Link that would Digg the page I am visiting, I don’t know how to write JavaScript codes but I do have a Keep It! JavaScript Button on my bookmarks toolbar that downloads videos from YouTube and similar websites, so I decided to copy the Link of this shortcut and modify it for Digging, and it worked from the first try!

So to have a Digg It! Button on your Firefox bookmarks toolbar just Drag the Button below to the Toolbar:

digg it

If you want to be able to do more than just Digging WebPages you can check out those Firefox extensions that might interest you:

Smart Digg Button
The Smart Digg Button allows you to see whether or not the web page you are currently viewing has been submitted to Digg and lets you submit it if it hasn’t.

The Digg This! Firefox Toolbar Extension
The Digg This! toolbar adds two buttons to your main Firefox toolbar and one menu. With the toolbar buttons you can quickly goto to Digg or Digg the page you are viewing. The menu allows you to goto your Digg profile or any of the top Digg categories.