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The US Collapse and the USSR Collapse

This morning I found this article predicting a US Collapse in the near future, comparing it to the Soviet one 18 years ago and finaly comparing the aftermath of both collapses. The article is really interesting and you should read it if you have time! if you’re in a hurry just read the slides in it and that will give you a good idea of what might happen in the US in the near future. The only thing the author forgot to talk about IMO is the effect of a US collapse on the rest of the world! It is no secret that everyone depends on the US in a lot of feilds (mainly technology Microsoft, Google, IBM , Intel … and the list is long) so what do you think will happen to the world if the US collapses? I am sure those companies will not be totally immune to a complete collapse of the United States Of America!

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Should we keep using the Dollar?

US Dollars $$$

Since the Dollar is currently loosing its value and since a lot of countries are apparently considering abandoning the Dollar, shouldn’t we do the same? Our loans are in dollar so won’t they become smaller if the “Banque du Liban” converts the money we have to Euro for example and then reconverts them when we want to pay back? (That will only work if the value of the dollar keeps dropping)

BTW: I am not an expert in economy so those are just questions based on some stuff I’ve been reading on the net, so you are invited to correct me if anything is wrong with my reasoning.