Gebran Tueni

Gebran Tueni Quotes

You must realize that many Lebanese are not at ease either with Syrian policy in Lebanon or with the presence of Syrian troops in our country.

We are on the edge of a new era. It can be something completely positive for Lebanon, and it can be something completely dark for Lebanon. … That’s why we are really at a turning point where anything can happen.

Yes, there may be other attacks and assassination attempts. One of us may pay the price. Anyway, hopefully it will be us, not anyone else.

The Lebanese security authorities and the remnants of the Syrian system in Lebanon, and directly the Syrian regime from top to bottom, is responsible for every crime and every drop of blood spilled.

It is time for us to put an end to our fear for which we paid a very heavy price, to face all the lies of the Syrian security regime.

The Syrian security regime should know … that despotic regimes and tyrants who committed massacres against humanity were pursued, prosecuted and collapsed.

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