Funny Lebanon Politics

Lebanese Presidency, for sale on eBay!

Have You ever Wanted to become President?

Do you ever have an urge to be Powerfull?

Are you a Lebanese Maronite, over 24….and want to be called “Fakhamit el Ra2is” ?

7a2i2 7elmak halla2….!!!



For the first time in Lebanon’s History the doors to Baabda Palace have been shut until further notice, and the Lebanese flag that once fluttered over the presidential residence is absent, as are the navy blue uniformed presidential guards who once performed a vital ceremonial and security role.

The office remains vacant and the palace will remain closed until a new president is elected. The closure includes the president’s office, the reception halls, meeting rooms and the president’s private residence. Here is your chance to grab it while you can.

We are a “presidency” brokerage firm specializing in a wholesale deals between potential candidates and the major capitals involved in selecting the Lebanese President in this case.

– We guarantee you international support from at least 12 countries, (USA, 8 from EU, China, UAE, KSA), and we will throw in maybe Syrian and Iranian Support depending on how much the final price reaches.

– We Guarantee you that at least 2/3rd of the Lebanese deputies WILL attend the election session, therefore there will be a Quorum, and you are also guaranteed at least a majority vote in both first session and 2nd session. Which means you WILL be elected President by the 2nd Session.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity…and only comes once every 20-30 years (in Lebanon)

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