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Crazy Country!!

I stopped watching the news regularly since they started to fight over who was going to lead us to destruction. But for some reason today I decided to watch the evening news and we seriously live in one crazy country!!
Pierre Raffoul is now giving speeches to a crowd with SSNP in them, Caghlos Eddeh is attacking Bkerkeh and March 14, and is threatening that his party (all 50 members) will leave it if they change the constitution! And finally our Syrian ambassador is still showed on TV! Who the hell does Wi2am Wahab represent to oblige me to see his face on my TV whenever I turn it on!! Why did they give this clown any importance when he originally popped out!
Oh and btw I really like the source: “Masader rafi3at l Moustawa” or “Masader Moutali3a” in every statement that leaves politician’s offices!

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hahaha! I agree with you on “masadir rafi3at al mustawa”. Our local news is just a total disaster. It’s the same stuff all over again, the kind of stuff that gives you a headache, puts you down and down and down, and if you’ve got health issues, it’ll probably mess with your blood pressure and you might be unlucky and pass away! This is local news for you!

hehe, yeah they should write that the news is not suitable for people with heart problem and pregnant women before they start broadcasting it!!

You should e-mail/write/call your TV stations and complain. If enough of you did, clowns like that barrel of crap will not get any air time. They will get an air of the other kind.

Super Dude you’re right we should do that, but I doubt they will listen coz if they get the clowns of air they would have to make documentaries about the problems of the people in Lebanon not the problems of the politicians and I am sure they will never do that!

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