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I just got back from Exoleb’s meeting in Circuit des Champions and it was great, the guys from Lebanon Racing came too so we got to see the great cars they drive.

After everyone talked with everyone for half an hour, we decided to race in 2 groups of 8, but when the first group got on the track 4 people joined them and they raced together so we decided not to have a second race and end the meeting since the second race wasn’t gonna be very exciting.

After the meeting we all drove together for a while before separating. This is the 3rd meeting organized by Exoleb and this one is by far the best one. A lot of people showed up and had fun so we must have another one soon.

Now I am back home studying for my exams next week, I still have a chapter of Oracle, some Java and statistics to study but I think I’ll manage to finish everything on time.

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I personally don’t have any favorite.
We usualy do exams and projects during the year but at the end of this year I’ll have to write a huge “rapport de stage” after my training in summer and I’ll have to write a detailed description of the code and the program of my final project next year.

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