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Chinese can Copy Anything!

When we started university a friend brought a cellphone that looked like a Nokia, but wasn’t a Nokia. It was a Chinese phone with a Nokia logo on it. The phone has many great features, it has an integrated TV, a camera and a touch screen! So that’s one very good fake Phone! I never bought or will buy a phone like it but I can’t deny it looked like a good phone.

Yesterday I went to the Barber to cut my hair and while waiting for my turn I read a car magazine. In the magazine there was a small news about Mercedes and BMW wanting to take legal action against a Chinese company that copied the BMW X5 and the Smart ForTwo. When I got home I googled for more info about this and got those pictures of the cars with some more info about it, check them out, they don’t look 100% alike but you can’t deny they are very (very very very) similar in size and in shape.

Fake BMW X5

Smart ForTwo